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flinc-mobi - transport app

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We make it easy to find a ride with our simple app. All you need to do is input your destination and we'll connect you with the nearest driver.

We'll also show you the estimated fare and how long it will take for each of those rides to arrive.
You can also enjoy some of our favorite features such as:

  • An intelligent search engine that provides riders with suggestions for their destination and calculates the estimated time of arrival;

  • The ability to track your driver's progress from our app;

  • Constant updates on traffic conditions from sources all over the world, so you can make an informed decision about which route would be quickest or most convenient for you;

Whether you're looking for a ride or offering one, flinc.mobi is the most convenient way to travel. With our app, there's no need to wait for another person to come along - simply choose your route and we'll find someone to take you there!

Fast, simple, and easy to use

Whether you're looking for a ride or offering one, our app is the most convenient way to travel.
We are committed to making everyone's journey better. As the only company connecting drivers and passengers directly with each other, we don't take any commission on rides.
Our transport app connects you with thousands of drivers who are looking for passengers. You only have to provide your location and destination, then choose the driver that suits you best!
The application is really easy to use, so you won't have any problems. Just download it on your phone and enjoy quick, simple rides!